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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Does Location Really Matter?

If I was a New Yorkan or a Californian I would say build the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Wax Museum here.  Obviously because New Yorkans know that hip hop originated in New York and Californians say that they are the home of rap music
  But really tho the world knows where hip hop started and the world knows that the west coast was once upon a time the east coast' only competition in the industry.  Yet neither state or any one in the industry has attempted to build a hip hop hall of fame wax museum until now, and this entrepreneur is not from New York or California.  He was born in Detroit and lived there till he was 14.  He lived in Memphis, TN., till he was 18, then moved to San Diego, California where he lived for two years.  Now a Mississippian for the last two years, The Worldwide Hip Hop Hall of Fame Wax Museum Tourism and Hospitality Resort' CEO says that the most important factos now in building the museum and resort is land, climate, competition and tourist.  With very little snow and lots of available land.  The WWHHHOFWM' CEO says the south seems like the best location so far to build the worlds first and only hip hop hall of fame wax museum tourism and hospitality resort.  He said the weather is bearable year round with merely an inch of snow fall in 2011-2012, meaning on an average, the attractions doors would be opened 300-335 days a year.  He said he considered New York but there's not enough land and plus in the winter it's to cold and too much snow, and that would hurt business.  He considered California and Las Vegas but there are too many other attractions like casinos, Hollywood and Sea World which would also hurt the hall of fame' business.  He said he considered Florida but the same as with New York, Vegas and Cali., he felt that Disney and Hurricanes may affect business as well.   So where is he thinking to build.  Well lets just say it's in the deep south.  But does location matter?  Will that stop you the fans, the tourist, the business men and women from coming out with your friends and family and having a grand old time?  Will that stop you from visiting a historical monument because of a stereotyped hypothesis from a skeptics point of view on where, what, when and why; especially when they haven't in 20 years or more been as eager and destined to market, promote and see it through to build a hip hop hall of fame?  "I sure hope not", said the WWHHHOFWM' CEO.

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